Spain Trip For 2015


All current freshmen, sophomores and juniors who are enrolled in a Spanish class next year have the opportunity to visit Spain through the Worldstrides International Discover Program.

Students will leave for Madrid at the tentative date of June 18, 2015, and spend two weeks travelling around multiple cities and tourist attractions. Janice Mazei, Spanish teacher and trip advisor, believes the day may change to June 14 of 15 depending on when school is dismissed for the summer. The early enrollment and prefered sign up date is June 15th of this year. This way, when students return in the fall, Mazei can finalize the trip details.

The cost of the trip varies on enrollment. For more information on price, please visit and sign up. Students can pay monthly or all up front. The price includes the round-trip flights, hotels which are located near local attractions, food, 24-hour tour guide and travel insurance. Worldstrides offers multiple scholarships such as the FLAG scholarship, which offers more than $1 million for travel assistance each year.

Mazei said the trip to Spain- which is “magical,” she said- will boost confidence and improve college and job applications. Mazei believes out-of-country trips like these are important for all students, especially IB students.

“They bring alive some of our benchmarks or objectives in class, the cultural things.” Mazei said. “We can tell you about them, we can show you pictures or movies, but until you experience it firsthand in real life, it doesn’t mean as much.”

Students will not only have the opportunity to visit popular cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia and Toledo, but they will also participate in select activities to further their knowledge of Spain’s culture. Students will cook local foods, learn to dance the Flamenco, learn about Spain’s history and take lessons in art.

Junior Megan MacKellar is considering joining this trip. She thoroughly enjoyed the schools’ last trip to Costa Rica in June 2013.

“You woke up and all of a sudden you were getting shuttled to a bio resort and you are going to walk around and see a bunch of things,” MacKellar said, “Or you wake up and expect to do a days worth of volunteer work and be all muddy and disgusting and then you get to go to a beach. It was just so exciting. You never knew what you were going to do.”

Mackellar recommends that the students going to Spain next year should speak as much Spanish as possible and bring a debit card. Both can make the trip easier and more enjoyable. If she does go to Spain, MacKellar would want to learn about its culture and meet the people.

“The people in Costa Rica were so amazing and they really changed my view on the world just because of how excited they are to live, even though they don’t have as much as we do.” MacKellar Said “It is really interesting. I feel like the people in Spain will have something else to lend to it and make it more worldly.”

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