Upcoming movie: If I Stay

Hattie Foley

On Aug. 22, the stunning book “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman will make its movie debut. The story is beautifully written, and the movie is sure to capture all who see it. The protagonist, Mia Hall, will be played by Chloe Grace Mortez, who has also starred in the movies “Kick-Ass” and “Carrie.” Portraying Chloe’s on-screen boyfriend, Adam, is Jamie Blackley, from “Snow White and the Huntsman” and the London production of “Spring Awakening.”

The story itself is heart-wrenching and wonderful. The story revolves around young Mia and the tragic event that befalls her family, her frantic journey to try and piece back together the broken fragments of her life, her decision to stay with the ones she loves, or to leave forever. The story follows Mia as she aspires to become a student at the prestigious Juilliard, and her growing love with Adam, a punk-rock band member. When life as she knows it is completely shattered, Mia is left with the choice of life or death as she watches her friends, the love of her life, and her family unravel. The choice comes down to if Mia is ready to stop fighting and to let go of pain forever, or to fight and bear the pain of life, love and loss.