New Student Council Representatives


Eight new student representatives have joined Student Council, replacing the old representatives who were on Student Council last year, but were not re-elected. For next year’s sophomore class, the new representatives are Jack Shore, Alicia Abdo, Idris Daranijoh, and Devin Jaqua. Scott Jimenez and Emma Weston are the new junior representatives, the new representatives for the senior class are Marcus Moore and Travis Wilkinson.

Also, there are all the returning representatives from last year. Sophomores Jeff Criswell, and Gillian Eichman, juniors Joe Stuart, Ben Orwin, Elena Northuis, and Danny Saba, and seniors Nico Schuen, Robbie Overlander, Megan Hayward, and Alex Haas.

It is always difficult being a freshman student representative, mainly because they’re chosen by their middle school teachers. So if they choose to run again their sophomore year freshmen have to face being elected by their classmates. For Alicia Abdo this proved a challenge as she realized it wouldn’t be so easy to run against her equally qualified classmates that had already been on Student Council.

“I’m really happy I was elected because I want to be more involved in school and I love helping people,” Abdo said. “But I was also really surprised that I was chosen because of how many people I was running against.”

Abdo is looking forward to being a part of Student Council next year and one of the biggest goals she hopes to achieve is increasing student participation during homecoming week,

“I really want to make kids more interested in dressing up during Homecoming week since so many kids don’t participate because they’re too scared,” Abdo said.

Going into her junior year, Emma Weston decided to run for Student Council for the first time. Weston is looking forward to being on Student Council next year for numerous reasons such as getting more active with participating in school events.

“I just wanted to be more a part of things at school and add my ideas for Student Council such as volunteering more and helping out our community,” Weston said.

While down in Atlanta last summer, future senior Travis Wilkinson met a college student attending the Naval Academy which made him interested in attending the Naval Academy himself after he finished up high school. From learning more about the Navy Wilkinson’s interests in leadership and teamwork grew, and that is what pushed him to want to run for Student Council.

“I’m looking forward to being involved in the school curricular activities and meeting new students,” Wilkinson said. “Also, it’s a good platform for leadership and the experience will help students to be a good leaders in the future.”

The new, energetic students joining Student Council for their first time are looking forward to a fun-filled year with the returning representatives next fall.