Abbie Simonds-hit By Car


Authority figures spend a great deal of time drilling the idea of traffic safety into children’s heads. Teens are reminded to always pay attention while driving. These safety tips are life-long lessons for keeping yourself and others safe on the road. For freshman Abbie Simonds she learned first-hand why traffic safety is so important.
While Simonds was walking the intersection at Shaver and Westnedge by the fire station her day was completely turned upside down.
“I pressed the button to go through the intersection,” Simonds said. “I went when the light said go.”
Even though stop lights are in place for pedestrian protection sometimes they are not the most reliable, she said.
“The light changed too quickly,” Simonds said. “I just didn’t have enough time to get across.”
While Simonds was hurriedly crossing the intersection the light turned green for the cars. One driver did not see Simonds crossing the road, and the driver hit her straight on.
“I got hit on the right side of my body and landed on the left side,” Simonds said.
Due to the way Simonds was hit, most of her injuries are on the left side of her body. She suffered from a separated shoulder, countless bruises and a sprained ankle, which is currently in a walking boot.
“The injuries aren’t that bad, but I couldn’t believe it happened,”Simonds said. “I was like, ‘Holy crap I just got hit!’ ”
As for the driver, Simonds said she showed little compassion in the situation by simply pulling over, but she never got out of her car.
Although Simonds is set to get her driver’s license soon, this accident has not turned her off from driving. She says she’s not scared to get behind the wheel.
Simonds’ story shocks many, but this is not simply about her she said. Traffic safety is very important. Simonds advises one simple thing to stay safe: watch out!
“Both pedestrians and drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and what is going on all the time,” Simonds said.