Skyward Portal and iOS 8

Nico Schuen

This week two big technological items are making their appearances: the Skyward Portal for students and parents and iOS 8 for all Apple users.

The Skyward Portal is the new replacement for the old Parent Internet Viewer (PIV). Parents, along with students, will be able to view grades and assignments beginning this Friday morning. It has been three brutal weeks of school without being able to view their grades for some students. Many students relied on the old PIV in order to know which class needed more improvement.

In other news, iOS 8 is dropping this Wednesday. Last year on Sept. 18, Apple released  iOS 7, causing a major problem for internet connection by slowing down everyone’s speed. In order to combat this, the technology department has decided to block access to Apple update servers which denies students and staff the ability to download the new update at school. Once demand drops, however, access to Apple update servers will be reinstated, allowing any student or staff member the chance to download iOS 8.