France Trip Recap

Madison Jaqua


This summer, french teacher Rachel Flachs took nine students on a class trip to France. The group departed from the Detroit airport on June 17 for a nine day trip, filled with many cultural outings.

“Every single day was filled with exciting activities,” senior Rachel Ghosh said. “We were up from like 8 a.m. to 11 p.m, just constantly doing stuff.”

Ghosh was one of the nine girls who went on the trip, along with seniors Lisa Balanda, Emily Stroh, Meeghan Hoose, Kira Wuori and Chang Yang.

They started their trip in Nimes, where they toured the Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman bridge. From there, they traveled to Carcassonne and then, after that, the group went to explore the Lascaux caves. Then they went to Loire Chateaux, where the students visited a wine cave. Before visiting the Chateaux, the group had a picnic on the river bank.

“We went to a French grocery store and bought French food,” Flachs said. “It was really cool.”

After visiting the Loire Valley, the group traveled to see the Palace Versailles and the Chartes Cathedral.  Their next destination was Paris where they visited the famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Being immersed in the French culture led to some communication problems.

“They spoke way faster than I’m used to here, and their accents made them hard to understand sometimes,” Ghosh said.

But according to Flachs, as the trip went along, the students became better at understanding and communicating with the French people.

Because of the wide variety of activities that the students got a chance to experience, each had her own favorite part. Ghosh’s favorite place they visited was Paris.

“Everything about it was so beautiful,” Ghosh said. “The buildings were so pretty and there were just a lot of interesting people.”

As for Balanda, she loved the museums, especially the Louvre in Paris.

“I loved seeing all the different artwork,” Balanda said. “And since my name is Lisa, I really liked seeing the Mona Lisa.”

But for Flachs, her favorite part was something completely separate from the sites.

“It’s seeing the kids see everything for the first time, that’s what gets me excited,” Flachs said. “That’s the joy for me because I’ve seen all these things before.”

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