Twenty One Pilots Concert Review

Scott Solomon

The Twenty One Pilots concert in at the Orbit Room on Nov. 1st was extremely well played in a very good atmosphere. The band played for nearly two hours and pleased the crowd the entire time. Before the main show, there were two average opening performances. But once twenty one pilots came onto stage, the performance drastically improved. With extremely lively light effects and exquisite sound quality, they put on a very high quality show. The band played almost every song on their newest album, “Vessel.”

Towards the middle of the show the band broke into a skit where they mocked other modern musicians like DJ Khalid and Beyoncé. This act won the crowd over as Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, made jokes about everyone recording it.

After playing for over an hour, an encore prompted the band to return to the stage for another thirty-minute set.

The crowd, filled with high school and college students, made for a lively experience with the majority of the attendees singing every lyric of the songs.

The Orbit Room is a small enough venue where the audience still feels a small-time venue effect. With both an area to stand in front of the stage and a balcony where audience members can sit and listen, the Orbit Room allows listeners to experience the concert in whichever way they please.

Overall, the twenty one pilots put on and extremely good show and are definitely worth seeing a second time.