Foxes In Fiction Ontario Gothic review

Devon Wilson

“Ontario Gothic” is Warren Hillenbrand’s second full-length album as Foxes In Fiction, and his third release on his very own label, Orchid Tapes. Since he started the label in 2010, it has steadily increased in popularity.

Although the album was released in late September it was not until my copy of the album on cassette arrived several weeks later that I fell in love with it.

After having the pleasure of seeing Foxes In Fiction open for Owen Pallett in Grand Rapids in September, as well as play a house show in November, I can speak first-hand in saying that Hillenbrand’s music is emotional and moving. Hazy vocals glide over equally dreamy guitars, creating a beauty hard to describe with words.

“Ontario Gothic” is the work of the last several years of Hillenbrand’s life after having lost close loved ones. Although the personal connection to this aspect of the album is not there, it is still fully comprehensible through the lyrics and tone of the music.

The music itself is based around textures that surround the air around you, and melody lines surfacing from this noise. Self described as “ambient pop,” Foxes In Fiction is an extremely dreamy approach to music. Every sound is drenched in reverb, lingering in your ear long after a song ends.

An almost painful hint of nostalgia can be found in the music. “Ontario Gothic” is a deeply personal album with specific memories lined throughout. But it is more than an album about loss; rather, it is a process of healing and learning to cope with pain and loss.


Stream/download the album here.