Zoup! exceeds expectations

Kate Spears

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With an always-rotating menu of 12 soups and award-winning recipes, Zoup! may be one of the best restaurants that has come to Portage. Leaving this place unsatisfied would be nearly impossible. Your taste buds will be dancing and thanking you for your wonderful choice in restaurants.

Zoup! offers hundreds of variations of soups, including low-fat, gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy free options. As an extra bonus, as if it’s not amazing as it is, you are given a side of warm bread, like a cherry on top. The top favorites chosen by customers are the Chicken Pot Pie. Lobster Bisque and Vegetarian Split Pea.

Not only does Zoup! offer out-of-this-world soup, they also offer sandwiches and salads that are made on the spot. For those who are interested in stopping in for a quick lunch bite, I highly recommend it due to their quick pace and delicious taste. I have been there three times for lunch this semester and returned with plenty of time before class. My personal favorite is the Tomato Basil with a half size Southwest Turkey sandwich. I could eat it all day, seven days a week.

After trying Zoup! for the first time two years ago in Lansing, I have just been WAITING for one in Portage, and the time has finally come. I would rate it a five out of five stars. With that being said, be sure to stop in Zoup!, located near Target, to see what all of the rave is about.