‘Quarterbacks’ is the most fun punk album of the year

Devon Wilson

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QUARTERBACKS are a twee-punk band residing in New York. This week marks the release of their first proper album, “Quarterbacks.”

19 songs span 22 minutes in total and never take a moment to slow down. A sense of urgency drives the band as jangly guitars are backed by blistering drums and quick moving bass lines. Singer Dean Engle however, remains calm and collected as he quickly spurts out stories all somehow revolving around love.

In one of the albums highlights, “Center,” Engle sings “as I get older, I recognize that love is mostly situational,” and over the course of “Quarterbacks,” this statement rings particularly true. Depending on the surrounding circumstances, Engle finds himself switching between assuring listeners he is “not in love” and “in love again as usual,” in a matter of a minute or two. But despite the abruptness of the songs, they all have a feeling of sincerity that manages to linger. The lyrics have a level of heartfelt simplicity which resonate well with anyone while simultaneously giving the impression of being deeply personal.

Regardless of the hardcore speeds and the numerous mentions of heartbreak, “Quarterbacks” is, if nothing else, fun. The songs fly by and the album is over in what feels like  much too short a time but due to the brief nature of the album every individual second seems especially enjoyable.


Stream/Download the full album here and listen to “Center” below.