What’s different about new iPhone game ‘Mr. Jump’

Scott Solomon

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A new iPhone application has found its way into the App Store. This game, called “Mr. Jump”, encompases many typical attributes of a mind-numbing iPhone game: repetitive, simple, yet addicting.

The premise of the new game is simple, a stick figure with a square as a head runs through the course, jumping over spikes and gaps in the road.

While, many games of this nature measure how long the player goes for an infinite amount of time, “Mr. Jump” instead breaks the game into levels. There are currently 12 levels, but the App Developer, 1Button SARL, promise more levels to come. Like many games, players have the option of sharing their results on Facebook or Twitter with their friends or followers.

As a long time player of “Clash of Clans,” I prefer more strategic and complicated iPhone games, but I like the achievement aspect of “Mr. Jump.” Instead of being in an infinite gameplay, one simply tries to complete the task at hand and move onto the next task. Also, the ability for the developer to add additional levels give the application more intrigue than some previous addictive games like “Flappy Bird.”


There is no telling which iPhone game will become the next social phenomena, it is clear that “Mr. Jump” shows all of the necessary traits it takes to be a top downloaded iPhone application. It may not be my favorite style of iPhone game, but it posses unique qualities that cause me to end up spending a few hours playing the game.

Rating: three out of five horseshoes