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Commercialization in Christmas

Samhita Sunkara

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There are roughly 35 days until Christmas, which means people are starting to prepare for the joyous day of the birth of Christ. In America, this means planning and preparing gifts for friends and family. Christmas is becoming far more of a commercialized holiday rather than what it is supposed to be, a religious holiday. Questions about whether or not it is okay for people to be celebrating Christmas more commercially than religiously have surfaced as a result. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you just celebrate Christmas for the gifts.

Christmas being more of a commercial holiday allows non-Christians to feel like they can celebrate Christmas. I’m not Christian, and my family “celebrates” Christmas. We usually put up a Christmas tree, receive presents the morning of Christmas, and gather with our friends and family for dinner. As someone who isn’t Christian, the holiday being less of a religious affair for the general population makes me feel less left out of everyone’s favorite holiday. I feel like I can enjoy this wonderful day without feeling like I have to be a certain religion to have fun.

Christmas also doesn’t need to be a religious holiday because there is much more to enjoy on this day than practicing religion. I’m perfectly fine with people who celebrate it religiously, because obviously that’s what it is meant for. But, bonding with family and friends, seeing the joy (or fake joy) on people’s faces when you hand them a present, and receiving wonderful gifts from others have just as much value. Yes, for Christians it is important to celebrate the birth of Christ, but bonding with family and friends is just as important.

So don’t feel guilty about receiving an iPhone 6s and stockings full of candy, because you should be allowed to make the day of Christmas a day where you receive lots of gifts and spend time with family.

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Commercialization in Christmas