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Tips for studying for exams

Samhita Sunkara

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Somehow, we made it to the 16th week of the school year already. On the bright side, there’s only half of the school year left. However, the stress of exams already starts to taunt us. Some of us may have started to schedule study times into our lives, while others prefer to sit back, relax, and watch Netflix until the day before exams. Either way, if you aim to pass an exam, you’re most likely going to study. Here are what I think are helpful tips for studying. Just follow the “GOLD” for your path to success for exams!

  1. Gather- Take out all your worksheets, notes, and chapter study guides, and go through what you’ll need to help you study. Typically notes and chapter guides are your best friends for final exam prep. If your teacher has a semester study guide, then that’s even better! Once you study, worksheets are a good way to test your knowledge.
  2. Organize- Sorting out which information you need to review, and which information you understand is very important before you actually study. By doing this, you’re not wasting time studying topics you understand. You can use the time you save to study more of what you don’t know. Also, organize what you will be studying, and when. This helps to establish goals for each day, so you won’t be staring at the computer screen for thirty minutes before you start doing anything.
  3. Learn- This is the most important step of the process. If you want to do your best on exams, learning is the key. Don’t opt for memorization and acronyms (although the one in this article will help you). Memorizing facts is a quicker way to study, but you won’t retain information as well as if you actually understand the logic behind something. If you can go through the reasoning behind something, then that understanding will come more naturally than just memorizing it.
  4. Discuss- Schedule a study date with your friends. According to, “Learners retain 90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.” So as you teach your friends things that they don’t understand, you will be learning as well. Also, studying with friends can make this tedious chore a little more fun.

Whether you’ll be clicking play on Netflix or going back to cramming after reading this, I’m sure that these helpful tips can kickstart you to effectively study for exams. So, follow the “GOLD” and start hitting the books!

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Tips for studying for exams