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Extracurricular activities are not fairly honored

Isabella Wilson

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Isabella Wilson

In a world where the Super Bowl is watched more than the first Iowa Caucus, it is hard to feel glorified for doing anything other than athletics. It is a well known fact that sports have a tendency of ranking higher on our “to-do” lists, and the reasons do not quite add up.

Throughout PC, students spend their mornings, school days and afternoons participating in extracurricular activities. However, the time they spend, whether at football practice or Science Olympiad, for example, is not valued as equal.

Even if our Science Olympiad and football teams practiced the same amount of time, and worked equally hard at their activities, there would still be hundreds of cheering fans at the Friday football game, and significantly fewer at the Science Olympiad tournament.

Of course, we can argue that sports are more intriguing to our brains, but I believe this is only because we have grown up in a society that requires sports to be highly respected. This is constantly brought up in one of the most well known PC arguments in history: Is marching band a sport?

Why should it matter? Why should something have to be classified as a sport to be respected? The marching band students spend as many as 12 hours in one day throughout the summer, practicing and working their absolute hardest to win competitions. I highly respect any student who participates in the band, and they should receive just as much glorification as any sports team.

Students willingly hand numerous amounts of cash to attend basketball games, yet cringe at attending the musical. Each student works just as hard as another and should be given a fair judgment.

I think that sports are amazingly important, and someone willing to run miles around a track or play tennis for hours should be honored for doing so. However, I also believe that students who spend hours upon end memorizing their forensics pieces or are capable of playing multiple instruments in the band should be given just as much honor.

Extracurriculars should all be ranked as equal, and we should stop patronizing the ones that aren’t sports. It’s time for us to cheer on the robotics team and give praise to the choir students, alongside the softball and bowling teams.

Isabella Wilson is a staff writer for the Central Stampede.


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Extracurricular activities are not fairly honored