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Kalamazoo shooting hits close to home

Samhita Sunkara

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We’ve all been shocked by shooting events in the past few years. Sandy Hook and the Oregon shootings are just a couple of the many mass shootings that have happened. It shocks us every time we hear about these terrible events. However, these tragedies weren’t really put into perspective until this happened in our own city. The most recent mass shooting that’s being talked about all around the world is sadly one from our hometown. On Feb. 20, Uber Driver Jason Dalton shot eight people while one the job. He killed six people, and injured two.

This recent event has really put into place how rampant these shootings are becoming. I personally no longer feel safe in my own town, and I’m sure many citizens of Kalamazoo and surrounding areas feel the same. I don’t want to have to worry every time I’m home alone or every night I’m out with friends. We need to take action to stop such horrendous events from occurring.

I think that Uber should start having more intensive background checks, and more frequently as well. Millions of people in this country trust these Uber drivers to transport them from one place to another. This trust will be broken if the people who they employ are not providing a secure service. The company needs to ensure that their employees are mentally stable, especially when going out on the road.

Background checks for purchasing a gun should also be intensified. The process should be more selective for people who want to buy guns. While families want to protect themselves, guns are causing more and more problems to the safety of  the citizens of our country.

This tragic shooting taught us that we should always tell our families that we love them, because nobody knows what will happen. However, there are steps we can take to protect the people of our country from being killed for noting that they did, and it’s time we put an end to mass shootings.

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The official source of student news at Portage Central High School
Kalamazoo shooting hits close to home