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Batman vs. Superman review

Zach Franks

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The new “Batman vs. Superman” movie directed by Zack Snyder came out last Friday at midnight. In the film two superheros Batman and Superman cannot stand each other’s ways of dealing with criminal activity, which eventually leads them to face off one on one in a brutal fight to the death. Despite garnering mass attention and showing signs to be a promising movie in so many ways, it ended up falling short and will be remembered more for its flaws than its good moments.

The movie is entirely fiction based and takes place in what appears to be modern times in the fantasy urban cities of Gotham and Metropolis. Superman is a being from another planet considered to be a “god among men” with superhuman powers such as the ability to fly, invincibility, super strength etc. Batman on the other hand has no superhuman abilities, but makes up for it with his expert combat skills and an array of high tech gadgets and weapons he is able to buy with his vast amount of money.

The plot of the movie is long, boring and quite predictable if you have a small amount of background knowledge on these two superheros. One of its few redeeming qualities is its interpretation of the public’s view on Superman.People are generally conflicted over whether to trust him or not, because despite his good nature and having only shown a willingness to help, people feel he is too powerful and don’t like the idea of him being outside of the law. Few are sure whether he is to be treated as any other citizen would be or if he should be feared because he is an illegal alien from another world, which causes the movies main confliction and allows a series of epic events to unfold.

Batman is played by Ben Affleck in this movie, as opposed to Christian Bale who had acted as him for the last 10 years in the “Dark Knight” trilogy. While he didn’t screw up the role completely, it just wasn’t the same and he couldn’t quite nail Batman’s demeanor as Bale could, especially when acting out of the suit as billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Overall this movie failed at living up to its epic expectations. The fight scenes are slow and unrealistic looking and the plot is long and drawn out with many dry stretches in between action parts. If you are a fan of DC superheroes you may enjoy this movie, but if not I definitely wouldn’t recommend seeing it.

Rating ⅗ stars

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Batman vs. Superman review