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The best thrift stores in Portage

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Through 2016, thrift shopping has become more popular and fashionable. Mom jeans and oversized t-shirts are not only in, but can be bought for 99 cents. I have been an avid thrift shopping for some time now and I am consistently asked where I get my clothes. Though you won’t be able to buy exactly the same thing, I have decided to review my three favorite thrift stores.

Salvation Army

5117 Portage Road, Portage, salva 49002

Salvation Army is my absolute favorite store to shop in. Some struggle to find what they are looking for there, but that is exactly the problem. When going into the store, you must have little to no purpose of shopping. This makes it much easier to find the great outfits you love. Due to the large building of Salvation Army, it takes time to go through all of the clothes they have. However, they do an excellent job of color coding and organizing their products. The store is split up into different sections such as women’s, men’s, maternity, youth and boutique. Do not feel the need to be confined to one section, some of my favorite clothing items have come from the men’s section. One fault of the store is the organization is by color, not size. Generally, the employees are pleasant and the store is clean and well kept. Prices are always at a low and you can even receive a student discount by simply downloading the app “Flock”. Overall this thrift store is one will find the most success in.

Valley Thrift store

8700 Shaver Rd, Portage, MI 49008


The Valley Thrift store, run by Family Valley Church, is a hidden treasure of Portage. My first visit there was family-valleya $1 entire store sale. I bought $20 dollars worth of clothes and came home with an entire, new wardrobe. The store is extremely well kept and clean. The organization they have is according to size, which can be extremely helpful. The products here are generally more high end and can be a little more pricey than those of Salvation Army. However, you are bound to find quality items here that you can get extremely cheap when they hold sales. The employees are very friendly and helpful and this store is definitely worth thrifting in.

Second Impressions Upscale Thrift Store

3750 S Westnedge Ave, MI 49008


The name says it all for this thrift store. The items here are definitely upscale and high quality. You may pay more for items here but you definitely get what you pay for and even more. This store has a whole range of items. Everything from, clothsecond-handes, shoes, furniture, posters and mugs. Everything sold here as very little wear and is in great condition. This also includes shoes. I am very careful when it comes to buying used shoes but the shoes sold here look like they have hardly been worn. This is a great place to buy shoes for a one time event such as heels for a school dance. The store is extremely organized, decorated and has a very pleasant environment. Overall, the prices here can be relatively high, but the quality you receive is great. You may be more likely to find more household items than clothes, but the store is definitely worth the trip.

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The best thrift stores in Portage