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Fall Play Review

Grace Foster, Staff Writer

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After watching only 30 minutes of Portage Central’s production of Rumors by Neil Simon, I was shocked by how realistic the props looked and how intriguing the costumes were. An abundance amount of time must have been put into preparing for this performance. The cast had already been rehearsing for a month prior to the preview.

I find it fascinating that the cast and crew are able to pull the play together in only a month. Right from the start the cast brought out so much humor, and the whole auditorium was filled with laughter. Although, from only being able to see thirty minutes of the whole production, I was very confused by all the characters and keeping them straight. However, the humor that I could actually understand made up for it.

Two questions I have for all casts members is how they memorize their lines so quickly and stay focused during the whole thing. Darius Ledbetter, playing Leonard Ganz, said, “Memorizing lines all depends on the person and how much time they put into it outside of rehearsal.” He then explained that during play previews and other shows, it is pretty easy to stay focused and block out everyone talking or yelling out to you.

Including you being up on the stage alone, I would find it very difficult to remain in character all the time and not be affected by the bright lights shining in my face. Another challenge I would face is maneuvering around all of the props placed on stage.

The cast did an amazing job in the thirty minute preview they performed for the audience on Wednesday. After seeing the preview I will most definitely go to a showing over the weekend.

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Fall Play Review