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We must unify after presidential election

Ben Miller, Opinion Editor

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The election this year will go down in history as one of the contentious and bitter in the hundreds of years since our nation’s founding. Now that the election results are in and businessman Donald J. Trump is due to be sworn in as the 45th President of hungry-history-cooking-for-the-commander-in-chief-20th-century-white-house-chefs-istock_000004638435medium-ethe United States on January 20th, we must recognize the challenges that lie before us as a people and the bridges that need to be built so we can all move forward as one nation.

        Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the past 1.5 years, you know how vicious the language has been in our most recent election. In what seemed like a never-ending, nightmarish SNL bit, we Americans have weathered a hurricane of attack ads, Twitter wars, and impassioned speeches. Now, an even harder task lies before us: rebuilding America. Our nation has been divided into factions who believe it’s their way or the highway and can’t seem to accept fact. As we have unfortunately bared witness to, we, politically, live in a fact-less society. If you are a progressive and only read the New York Times, you have a different set of facts than the conservative who religiously tunes into Fox News on a nightly basis. Due to the rise in technology and social media, we can each isolate ourselves into the corner of the Internet we feel the most comfortable in. This is not conducive to a healthy democracy or political dialogue. This phenomenon played a fundamental role in the election when presidential candidates could seemingly say whatever they wished with little regard as to what the fact of the matter actually was. Over time, this continually creates a more divided America – an America that desperately needs a president who sees us not as political constituencies or foes, but as one American people.

As Mr. Trump places one hand on the bible, and raises his right hand as he takes the oath of office, he must recognize the divisiveness that he has created as he fought his way to the top of the political food chain.  Now, it is his responsibility to help mend the gap between him and the positions of the other half of the nation that supported Mrs. Clinton. There are many issues in which there is broad consensus among the American people that something should be done about such as education, immigration, and criminal justice reform just to name a few. As President-elect, Mr. Trump must strive to heal the divisions he’s created and move our nation forward.

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We must unify after presidential election