Student Council hosts ‘retro’ shirt sale

Bryan Cassem, Staff Writer

Student Council is selling shirts from past events and class shirts from previous years as part of a ‘retro’ sale. All the money earned at the sale will go towards funding for Student Council.

The Student Council spontaneously came up with the idea while trying to figure out ways to make money. “We were just talking in class (because we have a student council room) and we always…see all the shirts we have left over and we were like ‘what if we just sold these to make more money?’,” student council member Cam Nosal said.

There are about 150 leftover shirts that were never purchased at the events where they were sold. They will be selling shirts from multiple past events. Some of these past events they have shirts available for include Breadlift, Powderpuff and more.

This is a great way for Student Council to earn money while also benefitting students because they can now get shirts that they couldn’t before. “We had a lot of shirts left over from the past and figured it would be a good idea to have a retro sale for people who didn’t get the shirt or just didn’t bring money in for it,” Nosal said.

They haven’t approximated for how much money the sale will produce, but they are hoping that it will at least bring in some extra cash. Student council president Idris Daranijoh said, “We are more or less looking to sell most of the leftovers from events, but we haven’t projected how much we will make [and] we are going to use it to [find] other events we have planned.”

Each shirt sold will $5. The shirt sale will happen in the cafeteria during both lunches. The sale will start Thursday Dec. 8 and it will go through Friday Dec. 16.


Photo: Bryan Cassem/Central Stampede