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Girls Bowling team holds onto an undefeated record

Brianna Martinez, Student Life Editor

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While many of the more conventional high school sports such as football and lacrosse get plenty of coverage throughout their seasons; at times, sports like bowling can sometimes fall through the cracks. The girls bowling team is currently undefeated, with their most recent win being over Paw Paw on Jan. 14.


The bowling team generally competes every Saturday, with their matches taking up the majority of the day. Freshman Aimee Helms enjoys the matches and the excitement it brings her and her teammates.


“It’s fun to be there and have friends with you,” Helms said.


Helms mentions that all of her siblings have competed on the bowling team in their high school career as well, further enhancing her positive experience on the team.


Senior Melissa Bunnell just joined the bowling team here this year, but has been bowling competitively since she was eight, following in her older brother’s footsteps. Bunnell greatly enjoys the friendly environment at practices and matches, and is optimistic that the girl’s team will be able to continue their winning streak for the rest of the season.


“We work together as a team even though bowling is sort of a solo sport,” Bunnell said. “We [also] have a really good energy.”


Bunnell also recommends that anyone who thinks they may be interested in the sport should give it a try sometime.


“It’s not quite a super athletic sport, but you also aren’t just sitting around,” Bunnell said. “And we have a lot of really good coaches, so even if you can barely bowl, they’ll teach you how.”


Both Boys and Girls Varsity Bowling teams will compete at Eastland Lanes this Saturday, Jan. 21.


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Girls Bowling team holds onto an undefeated record