Portage District Art Show offers opportunities to budding artists

Ashna Mehra, Staff Writer

Students’ artwork will be displayed at the Portage District Library Art Show to showcase their talents. The display is open for viewing and will conclude on Feb. 28.

Art teacher Joe King handpicks the students for the show based on their talent and dedication.

“It’s a lot of hard work,” King said. “First, the students have to research artists, movements, themes and media practice. Then, they have to apply what they learned and use technique to create original works.”

The pieces are not judged in this particular art show, but simply displayed. Rather than having a selective process, King chooses whichever paintings are completed on time, painted with quality and are aesthetically pleasing. Everything from jewelry, to ceramics, to paintings are on display.

Students Tana Neeb and Penelope Brewer both have their projects displayed at the art show.

“I would describe my piece as a representation of a man himself,” Neeb said. “He is seen as he is, and maybe a little mysterious.”

Neeb’s painting took her over 15 hours to complete. She says that sharing her art makes her feel accomplished and excited for what else is ahead.

Brewer’s painting is a portrait of her friend Katelyn and her horse Nala.

“I used warm colors to really emphasize the loving bond that the two of them share,” Brewer said.

With her work displayed for so many people to see, Brewer admits that she gets nervous knowing that it leaves her open to criticism, but she always remains proud of what she can accomplish and share with others.

Like Brewer and Neeb, all of the IB Art students spent many hours perfecting their art to prepare for the Portage District Library Art Show.  

“These paintings are what represents PCHS,” King said.