Students Take on Competitive Weight Lifting

Charlie Levy

Juniors Harvin Sandhu and Chris Styrlund attended a powerlifting meet on Feb Edwardsburg that featured 150 students from schools across the state.

This meet was filled with huge teams, some with 20 people each, with coaches, uniforms and fans. Similar to a wrestling match, this meet functioned the same with weigh-ins and pure adrenalin.

Going into the meet, Sandhu and Styrlund did not quite know what to expect since it was the first meet they ever attended.

“I was nervous for the meet, but it was more of an adrenaline, I just wanted to qualify for states,” Sandhu said.

When they arrived at the meet, they weighed in and began to warm up. After warming up they waited in line to show the judges how much weight to put on the bar.

They both hit their goals for squats, Sandhu’s being 325 pounds, and Styrlund’s being 245 pounds. They then benched and Styrlund hit his goal of 135 pounds, while Sandhu benched 245 pounds, 30 pounds off his goal of 270 pounds.

Then came the deadlift, Sandhu’s favorite lift. His goal was to deadlift 505 pounds originally, but to clinch 2nd place Sandhu had to deadlift 525 pounds.

Harvin then deadlifted the 525-pound weight and received his 2nd place medal.

“Everything around me; the cheering, the weights hitting the floor, my brother screaming in my ear, it all just faded away, “ Sandhu said it was just me and the weights.”

“He added that helped me the most is that my brother flew from Philadelphia to come watch me lift. Since he is who inspired me to lift it was great to have him there for me.”