Red carpet will greet visitors for Saturday’s Sadie Hawkins dance

Paige Berry, Staff Writer

Lights? Check.

Camera? Check.

Red carpet? Check.

Sadie Hawkin’s dance?

The annual dance, which encourages females to ask males for a date, will have a “Grammy Awards” theme on Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m. in the Portage Central’s Commons for the price of $10. 

The theme for the Sadie’s dance has been black light for the last few years, but this year is different because setup was quite difficult and it was time to change it up a bit.

“The seniors really pushed for the theme to be other than black light. The black light theme was really cool, but the lights were a hassle to hang.” Senior Emily Welch said. “Student Council found it extremely hard to hang the black lights in the first place and the clean up was hard as well.” 

The idea for an awards show come from junior Emma Kite, and there will be some extra surprises at Sadie’s this year. Guests should expect a certain sophomore dressed in a white tux on the red carpet, and they should be ready to answer some questions while being photographed by the “paparazzi.”    

Another one of the elements of the dance will be the addition of Grammy Awards handed out to students who fit into one of the seven categories. Senior Mark Williams and sophomore Cameron Nosal pitched the idea for the awards, which include categories such as “Best Ask” and “Best Dancer. 

PCHS Student Council tweeted out the award categories. Via Twitter.

The students are the celebrities and Portage Central will open the red carpet on Saturday for the Sadie Hawkins’s dance.