Senior Allie Romo takes off to compete in the 2017 Poetry Out Loud state finals


Kaoru Murai, Staff Writer

Senior Allie Romo, passionate poetry lover, will be representing Portage Central this Friday on March 3 at the state finals for the annual Poetry Out Loud Competition being held at the Lansing Convention Center.

Poetry Out Loud is a national poetry recitation competition, providing students with a knack for giving poems a voice an opportunity to meet and compete with each other. A grand prize of $20,000 in college scholarships will be waiting for the student who wins at the national competition held in April at Washington DC.

In order to reach nationals, students in participating schools must first compete for the position of state finalist within their respective schools. Each school can send in one finalist to the state competition.

 Romo first became introduced to the competition through her IB English class she attends at Portage Northern High School. Every year, senior IB English Students there are required to compete against each other in class for a spot in the Michigan finals.

Senior Allie Romo

Being the only Mustang in her English class, she was able to win a chance to recite in front of the judges this Friday.

“I’m nervous.” Romo said. “I think everyone gets nervous. But I’m also excited. I’m a huge poetry fan, and I’m excited to spend the whole day meeting fellow poetry lovers and listening to poems. It’ll be a great experience.”

Romo has prepared three poems in to recite from memory for her judges. She has dedicated a significant amount of time for this occasion by studying her poems, practicing every chance she could get, she said.

Contestants must pay attention to various details while reciting, such as the overall emotion of the poem, the message the poet wants to convey, and the intonation of the language. Romo said she hopes to be able to reflect all of those details in her performance tomorrow, and to gain an enriching and unique experience.