Student art to be showcased in literary arts magazine, Montage


Bryan Cassem, Staff Writer

The literary arts magazine, Montage, showcases art and writing from students and it is to be released in late April to early May, but pre-sales are underway until Mar. 24.

Montage is a student-run publication that exists for students.

For a brief amount of time, there was neither an adequate amount of interest nor enough funding to be able to produce the arts magazine. It was recently reintroduced three years ago by English teacher Tyler Baas, who advises the arts magazine’s staff.

Montage is a creative writing publication full of artwork, pictures, poetry and short stories,” said Emily Lancaster, senior and co-editor of the arts magazine.   

According to Lancaster, this year’s edition of Montage is nearly completed; however it is not fully laid out yet.

Students can pick up a form for pre-orders in Room 2120 or in the Media Center. Updates about the exact release date of Montage will be announced over the morning announcements and will be posted on signs throughout the school. It currently costs $10 for pre-sale, but after pre-sales end the cost will go up to $15.

“Readers can expect a great range of art and writing from the student body, and they can expect to be surprised by how many talented students are featured in this year’s Montage,”  said Cayla Short, senior and other co-editor of the arts magazine.

Short added that joining Montage is a great first step for anyone who wants to publish their artwork or writing in the future, as it helps students learn how magazine publication works and how to meet important deadlines.

Junior Sarah Boyle created the piece above which is to be showcased in this year’s edition of Montage.