Gardening Club to begin plans for Earth Day

Bridget Doyle, Staff Writer

The Gardening Club will start up once again on Earth Day, April 22, from 9 a.m. to noon to prepare the community garden for another bountiful harvest as they branch out to new plants and different landscaping.

“Now that we have raised beds,” said advisor Ann Alburtus, “we’re going to put a weed barrier in between the raised beds to keep all the weeds that are growing in the aisle ways down.”

Lowe’s has recently given a donation of mulch so they can mulch the paths and keep the weed’s seeds from spreading to the vegetables. In addition to the new paths, Alburtus wants to install a new watering system.

“Watering takes a lot of dedication,” Alburtus said. “Mrs. LaVasseur put a ton of time in the summer into watering. We have this watering system where we have this spigot that goes to each of the 10 raised beds, and we can just turn the hoses for each of those on and off every day.”

In addition to the new layout, there is also new produce. The produce list consists of tomatoes, yellow squash, broccoli, onions-yellow, red and green, green beans, garlic, okra, cucumbers, zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, curly kale, jalapenos, carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi, baby corn, beets, edamame, cauliflower, strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, watermelons, honeydew, cantaloupe and rhubarb.

Unlike previous years, Alburtus is adding strawberries and raspberries to the list. Since the new plants are perennials, they should be here for the next couple years if all goes well.

Junior Ella Foley is one Gardening Club member who is excited to see what the spring brings.

I am super excited,” Foley said. “Unlike with vegetables, fruits seem to be more widely known and liked by people, so maybe the berries will draw more people to the garden this year.”

The Gardening Club has been invited to have a table in the Celery Flats Green-a-Thon to raise awareness and promote being ecologically friendly. The Green-a-Thon will take place on April 15 from 11 to 3 p.m. It is geared for children and adults to learn, win prizes and have fun.

“Three years ago we participated in [the Green-a-Thon],” said co-president and senior Shawari Salvi. “This is our first year coming back.”

The Gardening Club is always open to new members. The times are flexible, and it always helps to have an extra hand, Alburtus said.

“You can come to as many meetings as you want,” Alburtus said. “[It’s] pretty low pressure. Come when you can, help out when you can.”

If you would like to receive reminders about meetings, go to or for non smartphones, text @aalburtus to 81010.