‘Tale as old as Time’ Returns to the Big Screen for a Live-Action Rendition

Paige Berry, Staff Writer

The “tale as old as time” and “song as old as rhyme” hit screens on March 17 for Disney’s release of the live-action rendition of “Beauty and the Beast.” The plot, soundtrack and actor’s uncanny resemblance to the animated characters completely took my breath away.

The live-action was almost identical to the original animated film, but with a few minor changes. Belle’s (Emma Watson) father Maurice (Kevin Kline) was originally an inventor, but in the new film he is an artist. Also, in the original he was captured for trespassing, not the petty thievery of a rose from Beast’s (Dan Stevens) garden. The brooms in the Beast’s castle are bird like creatures and Gaston’s (Luke Evans) proposal never hit the screen, but some of the dialogue was turned into a musical number in the pub.

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Plus, the live-action added content, while exploring the pasts of Belle and the Beast with their own, brand new musical numbers. One of my favorites scenes is when the Beast shows Belle a book that the Enchantress left behind in the castle. Belle took them to the windmill in Paris where her parents lived before her mother died, and she learned that her mother told her father to leave with Belle because she suffered from the plague.

Along with the plot, the dialogue and the musical numbers did not stray far from the original. As a whole, the soundtrack for the film was absolutely stunning and haunting during certain moments as well. All together, the live-action was served quite well and every song was better than the last.

During the first scene where Watson is strolling throughout the town, the song “Belle” was executed fantastically, and the casting crew made right the choice for actors in the film. I felt that I was in the town square and one of the citizens as I sang along the whole film.

The resemblance between the characters in the animated and the live-action film shared an eerie likeness to the actors who portrayed them. Evans was put into skin tight clothing and acted dimwitted to mimic the likeness of the town meathead, Gaston. Stevens was casted as the Beast and played the role quite hauntingly while acting with such tenderness in every scene.  Every actor seemed to really embody their role with such grace and confidence, and in turn, created another Disney masterpiece.

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The film made me laugh, cry and hate Gaston with a burning passion. Even a 5-year-old audience member said, “That’s what you get Gaston!” after he fell to his death. 

Overall, “Beauty and the Beast” is one of the best animation turned live-action films I have seen in awhile. Disney has not disappointed anyone with this film and the magic of the original lives on in every scene.