Portage Central looks to revamp campus with Garden and Beautification Day

Hayden Bernardine, Staff Writer

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The Gardening Club will be hosting the fifth annual PC Garden and Beautification Day from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m on Saturday. The event is a chance for all students to prepare the garden for the next growing season and to beautify the campus.

“It’s prepping everything to be ready for spring,” said junior Ryan Crawford, president of the club, “kind of just cleaning things up.”

For students planning on attending this year’s event, supplies will be provided such as shovels, gloves and clippers. Students may bring their own equipment, but it is not required as the school has plenty of supplies.

This year, the Gardening Club plans on adding many new plants to the school garden. Adviser Ann Alburtus said more than 30 different items will be planted this year.

“Some exciting additions this year include strawberries, raspberries, and rhubarb,​” she said.

Even though the event is scheduled on the same day as prom, there is no conflict between the two because of the time it is taking place.

“It was on the same day last year,” Crawford said. “Because we have it so early in the day, you can still make prom. You can get dressed up and all that stuff in time.”

Students have the opportunity to earn extra service hours by bringing a snack for everybody. A store-bought snack will get you one extra hour while a homemade snack will earn you two extra hours.

In the event of less than optimal weather, the  club will still be meeting. Rain has never stopped the club from attending to their crops, and they have even worked through snowfall, Alburtus said.

“​We will work even if it’s rainy,” Alburtus said. “So rain is not an issue​, but if it starts to storm, we will have to cancel or stop early.”