Students Spread Joy on Day of Kindness

Ashna Mehra, Staff Writer

The Day of Kindness is a national holiday that will take place on April 28. At Portage Central, this is a day in which people go out of their way to be a little nicer to friends and strangers, whether it’s giving someone a compliment or using proper manners.

To kick-start the Day of Kindness, ASL teacher Mary Knecht is organizing a “kindness corner.” This is a place in which students are stationed around the school to give out compliments to strangers with the hopes of making their days better.

“We got the idea from one of the colleges out East where three to four guys always hung out at one place after class once a week and just randomly started giving compliments out to people walking by,” Knecht said. “It caught on and students started walking that way on purpose just to get a compliment! They had a lot of fun with it, so we felt that would be a nice addition to our Day of Kindness.”

The art students and staff are also participating in the Day of Kindness by designing t-shirts to sell throughout the day. Senior Chelsea Welham is designing the t-shirts with a drawing of a lighthouse motif.

“I chose the design because a lighthouse is a symbol of safety to ships in the middle of a dark night or huge storm, and I felt like that really paralleled with the harsh world that we live in,” Welham said. “Life can be hard, but a random act of kindness can change anyone’s mood and brighten their day.”

Throughout the week, teacher Terra Brown has been taking pictures of students in the cafeteria. She hopes to capture a community of kindness and remind each other that we are all part of this community in which kindness matters every day. Students were asked to stop by in the cafeteria and share their views on kindness. Throughout the day, nearly 100 students chose to participate and share their diverse answers.

“Day of Kindness is important in much the same way Women’s History Month, or Martin Luther King Jr. Day is important,” Brown said. “While it is important, necessary even, to respect all individuals as they are, we do not always make time for this.

As part of the Day of Kindness, students can expect a free ice cream treat at lunch on Friday.