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Engineering Expo shows off student intelligence

James Johnson IV, Staff Writer

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Students from the Science Olympiad team hosted a walk-in Engineering Expo Wednesday to display their talents in building and crafting machines that made other students turn their heads. According to librarian Sara Brown, over 300 students attended the event and there is a high possibility of this happening next year.

At the entrance of the Media Center, visitors noticed a rotating system which kept visitors of the expo constantly moving but also gave them enough time to listen and admire the people that have built the machines.

One display was freshman Zach Zlomek’s  laser box, in which he challenged students to hit a target using just mirrors to move the laser beam.

Freshman Suyash Dixit explains his project to fellow students.

Juniors Vishnu Ghantasala (left) and Ashwin Kumar (right) stand by their project.

Freshman Zach Zlomek talks with visiting students.

Junior Lindsay Felicijan demonstrates the Science Olympiad teams underwater vehicle.

Freshman Lydia Janik talks to her fellow team members.

“We are using as many mirrors to move a laser beam that we can use to help move the laser and hit a set target we are going for,” Zlomek said.

Zlomek was not the only student there that built a contraption that made visitors of the expo curious. Junior Vishnu Ghantasala helped build the autonomous vehicle, or self-driving car.

“To assemble the car itself, it took about 10 to 12 hours and the coding took a lot longer than that because that’s what makes the vehicle autonomous,” Ghantasala said.

Freshman Lydia Janik and her team built what children want their parents to buy them whenever they go into a store: remote-control cars.

As fun as this might sound, there is a lot of preparation involved when dealing with remote-controlled cars. Janik said that they spend two hours a day about three days a week making sure their cars are ready for the competition.

“We also practice driving because that is a really big part of it. We have to learn how to control the cars,” Janik said.

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Engineering Expo shows off student intelligence