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Rules and Regulations of Water Wars

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  • Students must submit their videos of them squirting their target in order to eliminate them from the game
  • Video submissions need to be made before the participant can go after their next target
  • Students must be a Junior or Senior to participate
  • Students must have permission by someone in their target’s household in order to enter the targets house
  • Students cannot squirt their target on school property from the times of 6am – 5:30pm
  • Students cannot pursue their target by motorized vehicle
  • Squirting targets inside stores, restaurants, etc. is forbidden.
  • Squirting targets during sports practices or games is forbidden
  • Targets have to be out of practice field in order to be sprayed
  • Parking lot is the beginning of territory to be sprayed after practices or games
  • If you squirt the individual who is after you, then they are neutralized for an hour and they cannot get you out.
  • Remember, once you get your target out, you receive their target.

To Win:

  • The person with the most eliminations/kills by the end of the month wins!

You can get someone in the parking lot AFTER practice or a game, but not during school or during 6am-5:30pm

Happy Water Wars!

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The official source of student news at Portage Central High School
Rules and Regulations of Water Wars