‘Cupcake Wars’ receives a Mustang adaptation


Stephanie Gonser

Cupcakes ready to be set on the display.

Paige Berry, Staff Writer

Yesterday, the Advanced Foods classes competed in their own version of the popular Food Network show, “Cupcake Wars”.

Foods teacher Cheryl Tucker set up a table full of supplies at the front of the lab area. It was covered in frosting, boxes of typical toppings and other goods used for baking.

The class made a list of their top five people they would like to work with, and Tucker made the groups of five students to attempt to meet all the students requests according to sophomore Julia Mellinger.

According to Tucker, the classes had been planning what they wanted to accomplish and they had been preparing for about a week for the competition.  

The groups were given 35 minutes to complete their displays. All groups had to come up with a theme to base their cupcakes and their displays after.

The cupcakes and displays had to match the description that was placed next to the finished product.

Stephanie Gonser
Sophomore Julia Mellinger sculpting a fondant ghost for her groups cupcakes.

“Most groups had done a similar beach theme and we did a dark forest theme,” Mellinger said. “We wanted to do something more original and different than the other groups.”

With Mellinger’s group having a dark forest theme, they decided to bake a dark chocolate cupcake with green and white frosting with chocolate shavings that mimics the look of dirt. The display included grey rocks made out of fondant, a murky “lake” with sour gummy worms around the “shore” and a ghost made of white fondant that sat upon some cupcakes.  

Each group was judged based on cleanliness, their written description, appearance and presentation, taste, flavor and moistness and the timing of the presentation.

Cupcakes ready to be set on the display.

“My favorite part about the experience would be the fact that I am able to bake good food that I want to eat and I get to eat it,” Mellinger said.