Wellness Fair draws hundreds to Media Center

Bridget Doyle, Staff Writer

The wellness fair was put together by our school. It is a reminder that despite the fact school is almost over, it is still important to watch our health. The fair had many businesses come and participate such as Aligned Care Chiropractic and health professionals. Overall, the students and the teachers enjoyed the well planned out fair.

Sophomore Macy Hayward enjoys petting the therapy dogs at the Wellness Fair.

Freshman Joseph Kaiser talks to a local chiropractor. 

Mr. Phillips makes smoothies on the smoothie bike.Junior Emily Lin enjoys the coloring pages. 

Freshman Emily Neeb and Paige Parker learn about blood pressure.

Junior Stephanie Gonser and Mr. Baas sing and play ukulele together.  Junior Ella Foley enjoys the coloring pages. Freshman Griffin Lantz plays bean bag toss.Freshman Sam Philion is taught the dangers of distracted driving by Officer Burton.