Former One Direction front man releases self titled album

Paige Berry, Staff Writer

After a year of hiatus from One Direction following the release of their latest album, “Made in the A.M,” Harry Styles has released his own self titled album on May 12.

The self titled album was released in the United States at midnight, and is classified in the genre pop, but as you get farther into the album, the songs sound like they are inspired by an alternative genre. This album features 10 songs, including Styles’ first single, “Sign of the Times.”

The listener will start out with the first track, “Meet Me in the Hallway,” a song about someone who is acknowledging and starting to deal with the struggle of a suffering relationship. The struggle of dealing with the pain of how bad the relationship is, is weighing on him and he wants his significant other to care enough to fix things so he can be happy once again.

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Harry Styles’ album cover for “Harry Styles.”

Throughout this album, listeners will hear songs like, “Sweet Creature,” “Kiwi” and “Woman.” All these songs share a common message and they portray the theme of the whole album: the poisonous relationship is destroying the man’s confidence in the relationship, along with himself.

The recognition of the toxic relationship starts in the first song, “Meet Me in the Hallway” and continues throughout the entire album. Later, the guy recognizes his own faults in the song “Woman,” instead of blaming everything on the woman, and he starts to take responsibility for his actions.

This whole album illustrates the evolution of a terrible relationship as well as the couple going their separate ways. However,  in the last track, “From the Dining Table,” listeners understand how the two have split up, and how he misses everything about what they had together.

The whole album is a masterpiece and, “Harry Styles” by Harry Styles is the best solo album I have heard since John Lennon’s solo albums. The tone and message of the album is perfect for the lyrics in every song. These 10 songs are the best way for Harry Styles to start off his solo career.