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Archery team competes at national tournament

Zach Franks, Sports Editor

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Portage Central’s archery team traveled to Kentucky to compete in the national tournament on  Thursday, May 11, at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville. The team that made it to nationals consisted of five boys and three girls.

According to junior archer Abby Ford, more than 15,000 people competed throughout the three-day tournament. Out of those 15,000, 300 new archers are shooting at a time every hour. Each archer is given 30 total arrows, 15 to shoot from 10 meters away, and fifteen to shoot from 15 meters away. Scoring is out of a total of 300, with the innermost yellow circle being 10 points, and the outermost white circle being one point (see picture below).


The archers shot quite well, led by sophomore archer Brendan Buchanan with a total score of 274 and 16 “10’s”, and junior archer Charlie Finstrom with a total score of 269 and 10 “10’s”. Buchanan was only four points shy of breaking the school record of 278.

Buchanan attributes his skill to the fact that he has been an active bowhunter the last five years. The archery team provides a place where he can transfer his skills to a more suburban friendly sport.

The archery season is quite a long one, beginning in November and possibly going all the way to July if the team makes it past national to the world tournament. The team was unable to qualify for the world tournament this year because they only had three girls shooting, and they need at least four girls and four boys to qualify. They have their hopes set high to qualify for them next year, however, as the second-year program is still very young and is not losing any shooters next year.
Link to results of entire team:

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Archery team competes at national tournament