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From America to Poland: A journey

James Johnson IV, Staff Writer

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While most of us will be making the journey to our beds this summer, one student has decided to make his life a little more interesting by broadening his horizons and expanding his knowledge on another culture. Junior Nevin Schuring has made the choice to further stretch his comfort zone and study abroad in Poland.

Schuring will be traveling to Kołobrzeg, Poland in August and is going to stay with a host family until July of 2018, but going through a process like this is not an easy thing to do.

“It was pretty extensive actually,” Schuring said. “We had to get signatures from doctors, dentists, I had to get letters of recommendations and an essay.” 

Schuring also said that since he is traveling through the Rotary Club, it actually makes things a little easier and a little more budget friendly.

There are many reasons a student would want to pick a country to travel to and Schuring kept those in mind when he was picking the the 10 countries he was offered.

“I chose Poland because they have a really high percent Catholic population and I thought it would be really cool to interact with the faith there,” Schuring said.

Schuring also said that he is going to be almost fluent in Polish by the time he leaves in August because he is taking classes and working hard to stay on top of his Polish vocabulary. He said it was a priority to be as fluent as possible because he is going to be completely immersed in a different culture.

Senior Sam Banner, a good friend of Schuring’s, thinks very highly of this decision Schuring has made to travel abroad.

“It’s really interesting and it’s kind of different because most people want to stay their senior year but he wants to travel and I think that’s really cool,” Banner said.

Banner also believes that Schuring has certain characteristics that most people do not have to overcome such a large change like moving to another country for a year.

“People will probably really like him over there!” Banner said. “He’s really humorous and goofy and I’m  happy that we are good friends.”

Schuring is not supporting this travel all on his own. His father, Chad Schuring, has been of great help to Schuring in his plans to travel abroad and he hopes Schuring gets the experience of appreciating another culture to the fullest extent possible.

“Nevin will return with a brand new perspective of the world and his place in it. He will also have a new appreciation for what it is to be a citizen of the USA,” Chad said.

As any parent would be, there is always a little bit of worry trapped in the back of their heads for their child’s safety and well being.

“I think as a parent you are always concerned but we know that Nevin is very capable of traveling abroad,” Chad said. “He will learn to adapt to the culture by immersing himself in it.”

 Jan Mazei, a teacher in the Spanish department and one of the teachers who wrote a letter of recommendation for Schuring, said she is a firm believer of students studying abroad.

“Usually American students want to go during university years, so I was impressed that Nevin desires to do so during his senior year of high school,” Mazei said. “I think Nevin is an ideal candidate as he is outgoing and really good humored.”

Mazei seems very confident in the abilities of how Schuring is going to interact with the culture in Poland and how Poland is going react to him.

“He also has a good knack for imitation which will give him a better pronunciation,” Mazei said. “This experience will be life changing for Nevin and I can’t wait for lots of stories!”




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From America to Poland: A journey