Recycling club in need of new members


Club members pose for the camera as they throw out the school’s recyclables.

Bryan Cassem, Staff Writer

The Recycling Club has lost many members due to the graduation of seniors who took part in it this year.

The club is looking to find new members so that they are able to continue the important role they serve within the building. According to Recycling Club member, junior Andrew Walsh, the club has lost nine to 10 members because they were seniors.

Walsh said, “Losing these members means it will take longer to do our jobs, but it allows us to get new members, and along with them, new ideas.”

Spanish teacher Janice Mazei advises the club. She began leading it earlier this school year.

“Mark Williams, who’s graduating this year, had the idea because the Environmental Sciences [class that] usually did the recycling was stepping down, and Mark saw the need for recycling,” Mazei said. “So, he started the club and then asked me if I would be the advisor.”

The club is mainly responsible for emptying the recycling bins throughout the building.

“The Recycling Club goes around after school picking up the green and blue recycling bins in teachers’ rooms,” Walsh said. “We also sort through the bottles and cans so that we can return [them] for money.”

Anyone is welcome at this club, which meets at 3:05 p.m. every Friday after school.

“The benefits [of the club] are immeasurable because we’re doing our best to recycle (which is obviously reducing waste), and we can still do even better,” Mazei said. “Also, besides [providing a] value to our society, people can get service hours from this.”

Mazei added that the Recycling Club’s job has been more difficult without any seniors, but they will continue to do the best they can to keep up with the full recycling bins.

Walsh said, “Recycling Club is a great opportunity to receive service hours, and to meet new people, while having fun.”