Apple prepares for release of the new iPhone X


The new iPhone X comes with an all-glass housing and is both dust and water-resistant.

Sylvie Croteau, Staff Writer

The new iPhone X is ready for pre-order in late October and hits stores in early November, but the hype has already started. The newest phone in Apple’s now ten-generation lineup comes with more new features than you can count. Running for $999 for the regular size and $1,149 for the plus size, this is the most expensive phone Apple has created to date.

Coming with “an all-new 5.8 Super Retina screen,” and “a 1,000,000 to 1 [color] contrast ratio,” the iPhone X is the first Apple phone without a home button, foregoing the Touch ID system for Face ID, a facial recognition system to unlock the phone. With an all-glass casing, it’s the first water and dust-resistant phone that the Silicon Valley based company has put out. The phone is packaged along with a regular charger, but a wireless AirCharge mat is coming soon, long after Samsung started the trend of wireless charging.

But, even with it’s slick new design and features, consumers are having a bit of a problem with the iPhone X. Many are wary of the glass front and back due to the insistent problem with cracked and broken screens and cameras. The new Face ID system has its problems, too; at the keynote, chief design engineer Craig Federighi wasn’t able to unlock the phone and had to switch to a backup device to keep going. All in all, the new iPhone X has both fans and skeptics.