Freshman Andrew Burhans exhibits extraordinary musical talent


Freshman Andrew Burhans, an exceptional musician, mainly focuses on playing french horn whilst also being able to play piano as well.

Bryan Cassem, Entertainment Editor

Freshman Andrew Burhans is an extremely talented french horn player who practices for hours each day and has been playing his instrument for a total of three years.

“The french horn is my passion,” Burhans said. “I love the sound of the French horn, it’s bubbly and mellow sound is so beautiful.”

Burhans plays with the school marching band and is enrolled in the symphonic band class, and holds the principal french horn position in school. He also plays with the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Orchestra (KJSO), a local full symphony orchestra, which is difficult to be accepted into, and where he must practice very challenging music.

Burhans poses with his french horn in a group photo taken during a recent Blue Lake Fine Arts Summer Camp session he attended.

Burhans said, “I was at a disadvantage for being accepted into KJSO because I was only in eighth grade when I auditioned, and most of the people who were auditioning were juniors and seniors.”

He added that the music he plays in KJSO is fun because it is challenging for the mind and because the orchestra plays recognizable tunes that many people know and can have fun while listening to. Since Burhans is involved in several musical groups, he must practice often as well.

“I usually practice one or more hours on a regular day. During the summer, when I have more time, I’ll sometimes practice for up to four hours a day,” Burhans said. “For me, the French horn is always a joy to play.”

Overall, Burhans has a very extensive musical background, as he has also played the piano for eight years. Despite playing the piano for so long, however, Burhans said that his main passion is still for the french horn.