What to do and what not to do for tonight’s PC Park Formal


Kaoru Murai, Social Media Editor & Website Manager

Take these tips with you to formal, and make tonight the best night ever !

With formal approaching on Nov. 11, I am sure that some of you out there have a few questions. These questions probably regard the “Do’s and Don’ts” of formal.

To the ladies planning on attending formal, here is your first “Do”: match your shoes to your dress. Whether they be heels or flats, they should correspond with the color of your dress.

The second “Do” is to actually dance! You are buying a dress and going to the dance so you might as well have a good time out on the dance floor.

Your third “Do” is take as many pictures as possible. This includes smiling in front of the group of parents taking photos. However, take pictures at dinner and everywhere you go so you have something to look back at.

Now for the “Don’ts”, the biggest one is to avoid spending a substantial amount of money on your dress. There are plenty of stores around the mall where you can find a dress under $50.

Moving on to the boys, one “Do” would be to go out on the dance floor with your date and dance. You will have fun whether you think you will or not.

Another “Do” is to ask your date in a cute cheesy way. Figure out what your date likes and tie that into the way you ask her.

Going along with this “Do”, don’t however spend a lot of money and time on your way of asking. It should be fun, easy and something to make her smile.

Keep these formal tips in mind as you prepare for your big night and remember to have fun!