Last weekend to catch ‘The Good Doctor’


With only two more performances, this year’s fall play, “The Good Doctor,” directed by Laura Huff is coming to an end. The last chances to see the show are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Sophomore Leah Alburtus attended one of the performances last weekend and enjoyed it, she said.

The past performances were approximately 70 to 80 percent full, with a full house holding about 110 people, according to Alburtus. “The purpose [of the play] is to make the students laugh,” Alburtus said.

Sophomore Jake Godsil, an actor in “The Good Doctor,” was pleased with the show’s turn-out during the opening weekend. In order to build interest before the play closes, select English classes will be watching a preview of the play throughout the school-day on Friday.

Freshman Jessica Issacs has heard positive reviews on the production and is planning on attending one of the performances. “[People should attend this show because] it helps our fellow students, and it seems really funny,” Issacs said. “I’m going to see it, or I’ll try.”

Tickets can be purchased at the Welcome Center, at the activities office or at the door for $10. “It’s very funny, but also thought-provoking,” Alburtus said. “The audience will leave the show feeling satisfied and joyful.”