Athletes fulfill their dreams and commit at signing day


Courtesy of @pcmustangsports on Instagram

Seniors Jon Kennedy, Kyle Dotson, Macie DeWyse, Emily Mergener and Minh Le confirm their decisions to continue playing at the next level.

Ethan Lee, Staff Writer

Four Portage Central seniors finalized the step to pursue athletics at the collegiate level on Wednesday, Feb. 7. They are Jon Kennedy, a football player signing to Concordia University Ann Arbor; Kyle Dotson, a football player signing to Saginaw Valley State University; Macie DeWyse, a soccer player signing to Davenport; Emily Mergener, a soccer player signing to Ferris State; and Minh Le, a soccer player signing to Hope College.

Moving on to college athletics is a milestone for everyone involved. As students, the four have an impressive average GPA of 3.61 while juggling other clubs and organizations such as student ambassadors. The event filled with colorful balloons and smiling faces serves as the reward for years and possibly decades of hard work, whether it was from the athletes, their family or their coaches who helped them there.

Soccer commit Emily Mergener admitted that the new level of playing would be “a little bit” intimidating, with better and more competitive players.

“It has made me more responsible,” said Mergener on the topic of maturity, who agrees that high school soccer has changed her.

Jon Kennedy, a linebacker, agrees that high school football has also altered him in many ways. He said that he has grown as a person, expanded his faith in God and tried to be the best person he could from high school athletics. On what he expected of college football, Kennedy said that the high level and fast pace would require a different kind of intensity.

“I’ll miss the relationships I’ve built,” said Kennedy, who acknowledges that Portage Central has left an impression on him. “I’ll also miss the coaches, and most importantly, the tradition [of Portage Central].”