Michigan Blood makes their last stop at Portage Central for the school year

On Feb. 15, Michigan Blood made their last stop for the school year at Portage Central and many people donated their time, as well as their blood to save lives.

The blood donated by students, faculty and community members is sent directly to a hospital in the Michigan that is in need of blood in general, or a certain blood type.  

With every donation, three lives are saved whether the blood is used for transfusions, surgeries and other tasks within the medical field.

According to history teacher and National Honors Society chapter coordinator Kent Baker, roughly one hundred students sign up for each blood drive and with most drives, the Michigan Blood and Portage Central meet their donation goals.

For the past few years Student Council has been hosting and coordinating with Michigan Blood for the blood drives at the school. In 2003, National Honors Society added on to the efforts by adding two more drives per school year.

Paige Berry
Student beginning the donation process.

If someone is enrolled at Portage Central, there is recognition for those who help to save lives time after time again.

“We recognize students who that go above and beyond,” said Baker. “If a student donates blood at least five times during school drives, the student will receive a pin to wear at graduation.”


When the age of 16 with parental consent, anyone can sign up to donate blood after wither filling out a green permission slip at the Welcome Center. Also, the Michigan Blood bank in Kalamazoo is open six days a week and accepts blood and helps around 60 hospitals with collection, treatment and research.