Men’s swim and dive team fine tune their skills for the upcoming SMAC championship


Courtesy of @pcmustangsports on Instagram

PC Men’s Swim and Dive team at their meet against St. Joseph.

Daaren Bukhari, Staff Writer

With so many consecutive wins during the swimming season of Portage Central, the swimming team has finally made it into the SMAC conference since 2015. The undefeated season that they have held has brought them into a strong position going into the conference.

“I feel like the team has come a long way and success is always great. Sure there were things we had to tackle along the way, but we made it and now it’s time to show everyone what we really have in story at the conference meet.” said Sam Weber, junior.

The Southwest Michigan Athletic Conference championship is held every year and teams compete as hard as they can each year to win the title for their team. The last time Portage Central had made an accomplishment of getting to this spot was in 2015, until Loy Norrix had beaten them, only taking home a title of Conference champs as of 2017.

“Personally I feel like the SMAC championship would be an honor to win as a team because it would mean all of our work throughout the season has paid off and we achieved our overall goal to improve and win.” Owen Miller, a record breaking junior, said.

In order to get to where the team needs to be, many hours of these swimmers’ time is taken into practicing for their next meet. On average, the team spends around 19 hours per week just practicing.

“I practice an hour in the pool on Monday and Friday mornings and an hour in the weightroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that’s from six to seven,” Weber said. “Then in the afternoon we practice for another two and a half hours. Then on Saturday mornings we practice in the weightroom for an hour and then swim for an hour and a half from eight to 10:30. So in all, the practice that I put in is about 19 hours per week.”

The next conference meet for the swimming team will be held at Battle Creek Lakeview on February 23, at 11:00 a.m and February 24 at 12:00 p.m.

“I really feel like we’re prepared for the meet. We’ve had some rough sports but we always keep pushing through and that’s exactly what I expect to happen this weekend,” Weber said. “As long as everyone does what needs to be done and swims their hearts out, then we should be good.”