Men’s and Women’s varsity basketball teams lead a successful season thusfar

Learn about the work these athletes put into their sport, on and off the court

Men's and Women's varsity basketball teams lead a successful season thusfar

Courtesy of @pcmustangsports on Instagram

Will Scheffel, Staff Writer

The varsity basketball teams, both mens and womens have been having an excellent season so far. The men’s team is in second place in the state conference, with a record of 9-8.  The women’s team is also in second place in the state conference, with a record of 12-7.  Both genders’ conference is lead by Saint Joseph.

The men’s team picked up a new coach this year, Kenneth Robinson, who used to be the assistant coach.  “It is definitely an adjustment, but because we all have had Coach Rob before it is not a complete change,” Senior Colin Palmer said.  “We are just continuing to grow as a team with our coach.”  

Palmer and senior Max Godsil also thinks the team is performing well during their current season.  

“The team is doing well, we just need to finish strong,” Godsil said.  He feels like the juniors are performing their best to help replace some of the seniors the team lost last year.

“We are a very talented group that has a real gift of scoring and athleticism,” Palmer said.

The team practices regularly, everyday during the school week when a game isn’t scheduled.

“[The practices] get very intense and competitive, and push the team to really work hard to prepare for games,”  Palmer said.

Courtesy of @pcmustangsports on Instagram
Junior Jason Mih, jumping for the ball as Loy Norrix player attempts to score.

“We practice everyday for two or two and a half hours, and outside of practice I just shoot around in my driveway,” Junior Jason Mih said.

The men’s team will be competing in a district semifinals on March 7 at Kalamazoo Central.

The season is going just as well for the women’s team.  “My team has been so successful because we work well together and we have a lot of great players on the team,” Freshman Reagan Hoff said.  

The women’s team also practices everyday after school for two hours.  “We usually end up going until six,” Hoff said.  

“We as a whole group will come in on Sundays to work on little things,” Senior Josie Muffley said.  “But I know for a fact some girls put in work outside of those days.”

Hoff said she believes that more talk on the court could help the team win more games.

The woman’s team will be competing in  the first round of districts against Kalamazoo Central on Feb. 26 at Mattawan.

“The woman’s program has not seen a team like us for awhile and I’m loving every minute with this team and coaching staff,” Muffley said.