Mustang Science Olympiad team is an innovative group filled with many bright minds

Mustang Science Olympiad team is an innovative group filled with many bright minds

Lauren McColley, Staff Writer

From anatomy and physiology to designing and building your own hovercrafts, Science Olympiad is an opportunity to dive into science with peers of the same interests. It is a club that has the astounding capability to design and build contraptions to complete various tasks.

Science Olympiad is a competition containing 23 events that covers all aspects of science including but not limited to engineering, biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy. The season lasts from October through May and there are about five to six competitions each year. During the events, the competitors do the required tasks for each event, whether that be taking a test or competing with the device that they have been building leading up to the competition.

According to sophomore Zach Zlomek, each student has around three to five events that they prepare for in order to be ready for the competition. Science Olympiad members spend time after school in the physics lab: studying for their events or building and testing the engineering projects. Some students spend two or more hours after school each meeting to prepare their devices.

This year, some of the engineering projects include the following: balsa wood towers, rubber-band powered helicopters weighing less than a nickel, mission impossible which is similar to a Rube Goldberg machine, hovercraft, and a mousetrap powered car that can go in two directions.

A major aspect in expanding the possibilities of Science Olympiad is the 3D printers.

“They allow us to think of something we want, design it on a computer, and print it out all within a matter or minutes,” Zlomek said.

Although Science Olympiad is not often recognized amongst the competitive teams at PC, it is a much enjoyed club for the students who participate in it.

“Science Olympiad is a great experience where you have the opportunity to learn about so many things and have a lot of fun while doing it,” Zlomek said.

The Mustang Science Olympiad team competes next on March 24 at Western Michigan University.