Tips, flicks, and tricks to dress and party like Gatsby for Sadie’s 2k18


Courtesy of Village Roadshow Pictures

Dress up to replicate the excitement of the “Roaring 20’s” and party hard like Gatsby this Saturday at Sadie’s.

Bella Pedraza, Editor-In-Chief

The Sadie Hawkins dance is just around the corner and students are ready to party like Gatsby. Dressing to fit the theme is essential to the perfect night. However putting together the right outfit at the last minute can be stressful, just follow these tips to help ease the process.

For Gals:

Step 1: The dress

Finding the perfect dress can seem like a difficult task, but it may be easier than you think. A simple slip dress will do the trick to match the style of the 20’s, the sparklier and frillier the better.

Step 2: The Jewelry

If your dress is simple, the best way to spice it up is to add lots of jewelry. Lengthy and dazzling necklaces, especially pearls, characterized the high class lifestyle 1920s and will perfect your look too. Don’t’ forget to add as many flashy bracelets as you can and top it off with sparkling earrings.

Step 3: The hair

Curls. Curls. Curls. Tight pin curls will help complete the look as well as give the illusion of the iconic 1920’s bob.

Step 4: Accessories

To top it all off, add a fancy headband and some gloves. If you are feeling crafty, glue a feather or some jewels to the headband for the finishing touch.



For Gents:

Step 1: The suit

It’s not too difficult to look great, like Gatsby, old sport. All you need is your best suit and your favorite (bow) tie. To complete the set, add a waist coat or some suspenders.

Step 2: The hair

Neat, slicked back hair is will wrap up this dapper look.