The biennial Teacher Talent(less) Show will be taking place this Wednesday

All proceeds from this show will be going towards the American Red Cross


Artwork by Kaoru Murai

All proceeds from this show will be going towards the American Red Cross.

Bryan Cassem, Entertainment Editor

The self-titled “Teacher Talent(less) Show” will take place this Wednesday, March 21. It will feature several creative acts showcasing the various talents of staff members at the school.

The show starts at 7 p.m. in the auditorium and students can get tickets at the door for $5.

Teacher Tyler Baas will be performing in numerous activities for the talent show.

“I’m doing a number of different little things,” Baas said. “I’m involved in the ending staff number and I’m in a sort of variety show segment. I’m also in something that I would call ‘performance art’ as well.”

Teacher Janet LaVasseur will also be presenting an act for the talent show with her husband.

“We’ll be performing a song that we wrote together,” LaVasseur said. “But I’m terrified of public performance, so I’m going to hide behind my piano and play for my husband while he sings.”

The funds raised from this year’s talent show will go to the Red Cross.

“Every time we have a teacher talent show we pick a different cause to donate to,” said teacher Katie Eichstaedt, who will emcee for the event.

Baas reminds students that they should come to support not only their teachers, but the cause as well.

“The talent show is great, I think it’s a great opportunity for teachers to remind students that we have fun, we let loose and do ridiculous things, but also that we care about our community and want to contribute to it and our charities,” he said.