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Grab a cup of tea and say “Hello” to our newly elected 2018~19 Student Council officers

Sylvie Croteau, Kaoru Murai

Sylvie Croteau, Kaoru Murai

Sylvie Croteau, Staff Writer

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The votes have been counted, and the newest lineup of our Student Council officers have been announced. Take a moment to meet each of them, and hear what they would like to tell the Mustang student body regarding their leadership for next year.


President: Brady Mills, Grade 11

Job Description: Oversees the five committees that make up Student Council and acts as an overseer into all of the projects that they take on.

Message to the student body: “I’ve been hearing a lot lately that people don’t know what student council does, and that makes me sad. Student council is doing a lot for the school, even if it’s behind-the-scenes things.”



Vice President: Michael Verduzco, Grade 11

Job Description: Works directly under the President and helps with the management of the different events and projects that Student Council takes on.

Message to the student body: “We’re looking forward to making the events fun next year, working with the parliamentarian, making homecoming better.”



Parliamentarian: Hannah Geerlings, Grade 10

Job Description: Work on organizing all of the big events such as the Sadie Hawkin’s dance, fall and winter formals, and homecoming.

Message to the student body: “We’re going to make homecoming very fun. I know that we’re going to be at Northern for homecoming, but we’ll make it work.”



Secretary: Cara Haas, Grade 9

Job Description: Works as the social media booster; the Secretary makes and organizes the various media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Message to the student body: “Follow those accounts and make sure that they’re keeping up with what they can do so everyone stays informed, because that’s what I want.”



Treasurer: Abby Lawler, Grade 10

Job Description: Keeps an ongoing record of the expenses of student council activities and events.

What would you like to tell the whole school? “There’s so much to do that it’s always a good thing to try to get to participate in them, like the dress-up days. You’re only in high school once, you might as well do the cheesy, fun stuff.”


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Grab a cup of tea and say “Hello” to our newly elected 2018~19 Student Council officers